90's Trends For The Summer

90's Trends For The Summer

 The 90's is the best decade to grow-up in, mainly because of the major trends that helped to shape pop culture as we know it. In the recent years, there have been many old trends that are coming back into style. Here are five major trends from the 90's that are going to make a splash this summer! 


I vividly remember watching Clueless and seeing Dionne wear a white bandanna while she waited in line in gym class; that changed my world. 2Pac and Aaliyah made bandannas popular in the 90's and Tik Tok brought the trend back this summer. There are so many ways to style bandannas, so pick one up and start experimenting.


Fitted Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirt is a summer must-have and this trend is a slight variation of that. A fitted maxi skirt gives shape to your lower body for a clean look. Look for skirts with mid-calf hemlines which is the sweet spot for maxi-skirts. 

Kitten Heels

I remember seeing my mom wearing kitten heels when I was a kid and honestly, I wasn't a fan of it. Now that I'm older, I have realized that kitten heels are the glamorous, elegant sister of summer sandals. You can pair kitten heels with just about any outfit for a retro, cool-girl vibe.

Hair Clips


Hair clips are the cheapest accessory but adds the most flare to your outfits. I match my hair clips to my lounge wear for a polish look with minimal effort. Don't be afraid to layer your hair clips to create more interest.

Colorful-Tinted Sunglasses 

The Olsen twins sporting tinted sunglasses on Full House was a cultural reset. Some love dark tinted sunglasses but I personally think the light colored ones add a dreamy look to any outfit. Look at the world with rose tinted glasses (literally) this summer.