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Social Distancing Approved Dates

Chhiv Eng

With so many businesses closed, you may think that date nights are a thing of the past. Fear not, love can still bloom while we're all indoors. Spice things up with a romantic, social-distancing approved dates. 

If you are together...

Picnic in your back yard: Bring out your favorite sundress, pack a lunch for two and take your picnic blanket to your favorite spot in your backyard. Spring is the perfect time for picnics!

Drinking games: There are already so many drinking games but mix things up by making your own. Switch out alcohol with juice or good'ol water. The possibilities are endless and so is the fun but please drink responsibly!

Take a walk: Despite the chaos happening in our lives, nature has never been so beautiful. Take a stroll around the neighborhood together (with the appropriate gear of course) and admire the array of colors in the sky as the sunsets. I can never get tired of Philly's sky during sunset.

Game night: Bust out the controllers and get competitive! Gaming is a great way to connect with each other. There maybe some trash talking but it's all out of love so don't take it so seriously.

If you are apart...

Dining together: Some of my favorite dates are when we just go eat together. Recreate this date by ordering your favorite restaurants, send your partner a meal from the same menu, and get on video call. Now you can have a romantic dinner together even if you are apart. Food has a way of connecting people!

Reminiscing the past: Look through your pictures together and recount the story surrounding it. This is a great way to build intimate connections and recounting good memories will help boost your mood.

Future dates: Make a list of activities you want to do with your partner. This is a great time to get together some memorable date ideas so you're never scrambling to figure out what to do for date night.

Netflix and Chill: Download the Netflix Party extension on Google chrome and have movie night together. Make sure you have some snacks to munch on while you watch.

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