Spooky Movies For The Summer

Spooky Movies For The Summer

Summer time is the perfect time to watch horror movies. The warm air mixed with a slight cool breeze is the perfect atmosphere to be spooked. Here are a couple Netflix movies that has chills running down my spine.


Adapted from Stephan King's novel by the same name, 1922 is a psychological thriller told from the perspective of a farmer as his life spirals out of control. There are no supernatural elements to the story but the director does a remarkable job in visualizing intangible emotions to add depth to the movie. I would recommend watching this a few times to catch all the hidden messages and meaning behind each scene.

Svaha: The Sixth Finger

A cult, a mysterious body found under a tunnel, and a deformed twin; Svaha takes you on a wild murder, mystery case with strong religious themes. It starts slow but once it picks up, the story moves very fast. 


This film follows a father (Andy) as he tries to find safety for his infant daughter during a pandemic. Throughout the movie, Andy is met with many obstacles and has to overcome them quickly while trying to protect his daughter. 


A mute and deaf writer is left to fend for her life as a psychotic stalker targets her. Home invasion is not a new theme in the horror genre but Hush takes this existing theme and adds a twist to it by introducing a character with a perceived disability. I was on the edge of my seat and sweating throughout the whole movie.