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Elizabeth May's Weekend Look

Katerina Esquivel

We chatted with Elizabeth May (@playgroundinheels on Instagram) and she told us about how she's staying active in her favorite weekend look. 

During these unprecedented times it understandable that we are all looking for ways to soothe our immediate and future anxieties. Don't get me wrong, I've completely upped my cookie baking/cocktail mixing/ Netflix Tiger King binge watching game. Just this morning I tried to put on a pair of jeans and the buttons are beginning to socially distance themselves. But I find myself returning to my roots of hiking and exploring to comfort myself and my two small children. As someone who still travels with a compass and AAA road map of all 50 states in my car, finding off the radar parks and trails is second nature to me.

My "after work/weekend" style consists of a pair of jeans that still button, a turtle neck sweater, an all weather coat, Osprey hiking pack, ninja frog catching skills, and my beloved Hunter boots. When we are outside hiking and my kids are happily playing with sticks and throwing rocks in streams, I realize their smiles and laughter are immune to everything going on around them. For me, this the best quarantine antidote of all. 


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