Hobbies For You

Hobbies For You

Hobbies are a great way to reduce stress and boredom as it provides us an outlet to be creative, distract us from stressful situations and something to look forward to. Our daily lives are filled with responsibilities, leaving little to no time for hobbies but there's no better time than now to explore and discover what hobbies you enjoy.


We used to think embroidery was for grandmas but after seeing Ellucystitches on Instagram, we change our minds! With just a needle, some thread and a hoop, you can create a cute, quaint piece of art. There are embroidery kits to help you get started. Make yourself a cup of tea, put on some background music and embroidering away.


Gordon Ramsay once said "eating is the most basic and necessary survival need but many of us don't know how to prepare the food" and I felt that. Food is an exciting luxury but can add up very quickly. Learning to cook can help to save money and it's a great way for you to start to understand food. Start small and simple with instant ramen recipes or one pot recipes. Share your tasty creations with friends and family!

Water Color/Painting

Water color is a relatively easy medium to use which makes it perfect for artists who want to explore different mediums. It's so easy to use that young children can also use it. Sit down and let your brush create something beautiful. 


Journaling is a great way to sort your emotions, plan your schedule, brainstorm new ideas or just to doodle. There is no wrong way to journal and all you need to start is a notebook. 

Working Out

Just because the gyms are closed now, doesn't mean that we can't work out. We love following workout videos on Youtube to get into the habit of working out everyday. Put on your leggings and get moving to release those endorphins!


You don't need a lot to start a garden, even just a pot of dirt and some extra vegetable trimmings from your kitchen is enough to start your indoor garden. Your little plant can be used in your cooking or just as a lovely little house decor.