How to Maintain Your Brows at Home

How to Maintain Your Brows at Home

Staying at home means a lot of our favorite pamper appointments can't be fulfilled. We're left without manicures, hair cuts, and eyebrow appointments. We've gathered the best tips to maintain your brows without overdoing it.

1. Figure out which brow shape you're going for.

-It's best to follow your natural shape and make small adjustments to that. If you usually get your eyebrows waxed or threaded, there should be a pretty clear shape outlined already. New hair will be growing in now that we haven't been able to maintain those same appointments. The goal is to remove only those shorter hairs to maintain your shape and avoid over plucking.

2. Start off with a clean face.

-This is important, especially is you fill in your eyebrows. You want to have a clear view of the current state they are in without makeup on.

3. Don't use a magnified mirror.

-This will focus your view only on your eyebrows and you can end up overdoing it when you can't see the full picture of how they're shaping your face

4. Take a look from a distance.

This ties in with the previous tip. Make sure you are taking a step back in-between tweezing. This will show you if your eyebrows are looking balanced.

5. Soothe after plucking.

After you've tweezed away the hairs and reached your desired eyebrow shape, the skin may be a little red. Use a lightweight moisturizer or some aloe vera to soothe the area.