Stay Cool And Chic

Stay Cool And Chic

Summer is coming to an end but the extreme heat isn't going away anytime soon. Here are some outfit inspiration to keep you cool and stylish even in extreme heat.



 Pair this hypnotic green dress with dazzling gold jewelry. Iris Crystal chain matches with the green in the dress and incorporates other summery colors. The Iren Twist Hoops had a twist (pun intended) to the classic gold hoop.


Extravagant jewelry is the best way to spice up simple outfits. Pair this flowy, nude linen dress with the Feli Leopard stud and the Nagini Python bracelet for a simple yet fierce look. 


 Don't be afraid of adding some patterns into your outfit! Balance the festive green pattern bottoms with a simple, clean Essa cotton pullover. Add a gold chain to accessorize.