TV Shows to Get Hooked On

TV Shows to Get Hooked On

At this point, it probably feels like you've watched all of Netflix. Don't worry though, we've got some great recommendations for you on what to watch next when you're feeling like you need a new show to start.

1.  Peaky Blinders

Set in the 1920s, this show follows a family of gangsters who will do anything to protect their own and keep control of the streets. Full of action and great accents.

2. New Girl

A comedy following 4 roommates. Jess, a quirky school teacher moves into an apartment with 3 very different and equally hilarious guys. You'll fall in love with each character and won't be able to contain your laughter.

3. Ozark

Life in the Ozarks is not all sunshine and lake water for the Byrde family. Marty Byrde has gotten himself and his family in deep with a drug cartel and must find ways to launder millions of dollars in order to keep them safe. Too good not to binge watch.

4. Never Have I Ever

Devi is an Indian teenage girl dealing with the recent death of her father and trying to find herself as she grows up and goes through new high school experiences. A sweet watch for the family.

5. Mind Hunter

If you are into true crime, you will love this show. Based on true events, it follows a team of FBI agents in the 70s who coin the term "serial killer" and interview incarcerated criminals in an aim to study them. Can be creepy at times but never fails to be fascinating.

6. Sex Education

Otis and his new friend Maeve find out there is a serious lack of sex education among their high school peers. Luckily for them, Otis' mom is a sex therapist so he has the perfect advice to help them and they start a secret business helping kids with their problems. This show is a delight.

7. Dead to Me

A twisted comedy centered around two women who become unlikely friends. Both dealing with grief and secrets, these women become extremely close. This show takes turns you won't see coming.

8. Santa Clarita Diet

Shiela and her husband Joel have to find a way to manage their once quiet lives now that Shiela has died and come back as a Zombie. A silly comedy that explores the world of the undead.