Upgrading Your Homemade Card

Upgrading Your Homemade Card

The art of card making is something we have all participated in when we were younger. They are relatively cheap to make and add a ton of sincerity to the gift. Here are a few ways you make your card extra special for that special someone. Click the titles to learn more.

There are Levels to This


This technique is called the Z-fold because the zig-zag made by the top of the card creates a Z. It's almost like the traditional card but with an extra side. The diagonal cut at the top also gives the top of the card three different levels and more room to show off your creativity.

Mixing Medium

Using different materials is a great way to add interest to your card. If you have a few rhinestones that fell off something, add them to your card for an extra bedazzle. Cut up some fabric and weave it before glueing everything to your card. Look around the house and inside drawers to see what resources you have lying around. 

An Envelope Inside a Card

Instead of just tucking something between the card, do a little origami to make an envelope to hold it. You can even make several envelopes to make it feel like opening several presents. Follow the GIF above to make your own envelope.