2 USA Fabric Camo Face Mask

2 USA Fabric Camo Face Mask

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These abstract forest camo printed 65% cotton-poly mix masks are designed to be soft, comfortable and hand washable. This blend of cotton is the same as what is used in our best selling t-shirts and sweatshirts. We love this cotton mix for their beautiful weave, they wear well, and most of all, they handle sweat better than just plain cotton which means more comfort when worn on your face. One size fits most. Each mask print will be similar to the product image but unique due to the variation in patterns. Product image shown is a unique example.

Disclaimer: When you purchase these masks, you agree that you are aware and accept that these masks are NOT medical-grade masks and cannot replace medical grade items. You acknowledge and accept our disclaimer that these masks for sale do not come with any promises or guarantees. You agree that the decision to use this mask is solely your own. For health safety reasons, masks are final sale.

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