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Fortuna Lucky Coin Pendant

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name after fortuna, goddess of luck. features global symbols of luck, protection and good fortunes, placed around a heart: elephant, evil eye, lucky 13, horseshoe, four-leaf clover, and the for sanskrit for "Ohm".

content: 14th and 18kt gold filled 

care: take off prior to swimming/showering. avoid exposure to chemicals like make-up and perfume that can damage the metal. wipe with a soft cloth to clean.

what is gold filled? 

gold-filled is 14kt or 18kt gold industrial pressure-bonded to a jeweler's metal core. this process is 100 times more effective for ensuring that the gold stays on the metal and does not wear away when compared with other techniques of creating semi-fine/demi-fine jewelry, such as gold-plated, gold-dipped, vermeil and other similar techniques. with proper care, gold filled jewelry will last for years. keep away from harsh chemicals.