Custom Orders

We are happy to discuss custom orders but here are our general policies. 

In short: a) we encourage you to shop around, b) recognize that our prices reflect our costs as a small business, c) and due to a variety of reasons, we respectfully reserve the right to decline any custom orders.

More details are below.


We welcome the opportunity to discuss any by-request jewelry items. We'll be glad to tell you about our process including pricing. However, we do ask that you shop around and research prior to visiting with us. Our goal is to ensure that you are knowledgeable about your specific requests and are fully informed about the process of buying jewelry including metal and gem selection, pricing and after purchase logistics. We actively encourage you to go and meet with many different jewelers to find the best fit for you. If that happens to be us, we are very glad for the opportunity. If you need some recommendations of jewelers, we will be glad to share the names of jeweler's that we have worked with and purchased from personally.

We are unable to accept projects that involves materials and gemstones supplied by the customer.



A custom tailored garment is incredibly time consuming to make. For a design that you have come up with, we do not accept such requests. If you specifically want a custom version of a garment that is in our shop, please note that we assess a custom fee along with the original cost of the garment. In most cases, the custom fee will be more than the cost of the garment.